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Tahr & Chamois

Located just North of Wanaka in the South Island is our base camp for all of our Tahr hunts.​


We have a multiple options for how we access our Tahr and Chamois hunting areas.


The Tahr are regarded as the monarchs of the mountains, one of the only animals in the world apart from a lion that has a mane.  The have three colour phases, Summer coats which are light blonde, winter which is the most sort after with a heavy dark coat with light streaks in the mane through to spring being a mix of light brown to blond colours.

If you want to do a free range hunt for Tahr we highly recommend allowing 5 days for rifle and up to 8-10 for bow.


We either access the country by 4x4 or by helicopter to gain access to the areas that they roam. These free range hunts for Tahr are a lot of fun and you’ll see some of the most pristine and wild  country that New Zealand has to offer.

5 Day Free Range Tahr Hunt


At Metanoia Ventures, we offer an unforgettable hunting experience in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Our Tahr Hunting trips take place in pristine mountain hunting terrain, including tussock basins and sub-alpine forests. We offer a 5-day adventure of living in the hills and hunting the majestic bull Tahr, which will test your skills and stamina. Our goal is to enable our hunters to enjoy a true free-range hunting experience unlike any other.

From $6,500USD

Includes: Tahr, private chef, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tea/coffee, transfer from/to agreed airport, guided by PH guide, hunting license for the hunting area, field trophy preparation, unofficial measuring of trophy, trophy photography. Firearm use and ammunition if needed.

10 Day Tahr hunting trip for two hunters  


For the ultimate hunting adventure, book a 10 day Tahr hunting trip for two hunters with Metanoia Ventures. Hunt for the monarchs of the mountains in the beautiful Southern Alps. Our hunts involve lots of hiking and glassing, and spotting a bull is only the beginning of the adventure.

From $13,000USD

5 Day Chamois Hunt 


Chamois are a curious species and are hunted in a mix of sub alpine and alpine terrain. 

They are great fun to hunt in the Southern Alps. The hunts involve lots of hiking, glassing and  spotting a Chamois buck is only the beginning of the adventure. Other game you might see are Tahr and Red Stags that occasionally roam the same country.

From $6,500USD

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