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Other Game

If you're passionate about hunting, you won't want to miss everything Metanoia Ventures has to offer. In addition to our signature game species, we also have other exciting hunts available, Fallow Bucks, South Pacific elk, Whitetail, Bison, and Gamebirds. We provide all local guidance to ensure every hunter's success. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Day Fallow Buck Hunt 

At Metanoia Ventures, we offer a unique hunting experience for those seeking a challenge. We have multiple options for hunting Fallow deer both free range and estate options. Fallow deer are known for their stunning coat that comes in four unique color phases. Hunting Fallow deer with a bow or rifle is a great experience, and the meat is simply amazing. Our team provides expert guidance to ensure that your hunting experience is both safe and successful.

From $5,500USD

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