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February 2023

Free Range Expedition Trips

Our multi day free-range trips offer hunting opportunities in the South Island in some remote scenic settings with multiple game species present in most areas.


Lots of work goes into planning and tailoring these types of trips to your needs and want’s, whilst making sure the goals of the trip are still met.


Some of these trips might have a back country hut and others we will be flying in with a canvas wall tent, in a lot of alpine cases we will fly in the firewood also as our tree’s here don’t grow past a sub alpine line generally.


The following game species roam the county free range, Red Deer, Tahr, Chamois, Whitetail, Sika, Sambar, Rusa and Wapiti. If you let us know what your number one game choice is and the time of year you would like to hunt we can plan the trip around that species and see what else is in the areas we have access to.


A moderate to high level of fitness is required for these trips, you will only have to carry a day pack as we will either be flying in or traveling by boat with the rest of the equipment. The South Island terrain is a mix of Sub tropical rain forest all the way through to alpine terrain. If you have every hunted in Alaska or BC the terrain is very similar.


These trips are a huge adventure, they have there challenges, from false summits to stream crossings to closing the gap on your game. It’s the ultimate in true free-range adventure hunting in New Zealand.


We carry a satellite phone system to stay up to date with weather as it can be 4 seasons in one day. One thing to note is we always have a back up plan, even if that means leaving one hunting area. We will always have a back up plan to get you back out to hunt more if the weather does cut our time in one place short.

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